Winter Stableford standings now on the Results page.


12th January 2020

Hi All

Below you will find a download of the 2019 Seniors accounts for your information.  They have been audited by Colin Mee. I will be presenting these to the AGM on 26th February but to save on photocopying I will not be circulating them at the meeting this year. 

Please ask any questions either beforehand  by E-mail or at the meeting.

The 5th Seniors Winter Stableford is now on the computer for you to enter. It is on Wed 5th February and the computer entry will close on Friday 31st January. Richard has put up a 'sign up' list for the Spring Singles and Doubles knockout competitions for you to sign up. The cost is £2.50 for each of these competitions which is used to pay for the prizes. Can you give me the money at the same time as your £5.00 Seniors Subs if you want to take part. These competitions start in March so please sign up ASAP.

In doing the accounts we have not spent much on engraving. If you have won a trophy this year it is your responsibility to get it engraved but, if you provide a receipt, I will re-inburse the cost back to you. If you have a trophy at home can you check it and get the engraving up to date. I will get the ones in the club trophy cabinet done. People normally get them done at Pickerings in Brigg.

You can now sign up for the match against the ladies on Monday 2nd March on the website. Go to 'Events' and then 'inter club matches'. TRY IT Its the future.

Best Wishes


1st January 2020

A very Happy New Year to everyone.

A coupe of things :

I will be closing the entries for the 4th Seniors Winter Stableford (Wed 8th Jan) on the computer from 12.00 Friday 3rd Jan so please enter yourself before this if you want to play. The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed  a Lincolnshire PGA match has appeared on the same morning. We have been asked to host this event due Sleaford GC being waterlogged. The Seniors have been consulted on this and we have agreed as long as our match is not disrupted.

I will then put up the final 2 Winter Stableford matches together as they are both in February,

Buy the golf clothing you need for this year's matches with other clubs and get a 10% discount through the Seniors Section. The order form is on the noticeboard now. You can also place your order on the website. The official match clothing is a logo'd green sleeved or sleeveless jumper and either a green or white polo shirt. We are looking over the next couple of seasons to go to just a white polo shirt and green jumper. I will place the order with David on about the middle of January so place your order in the next couple of weeks to qualify for the discount.

We are trialling the best way to enable you to enter for matches with other clubs on the website. Have a look at 'EVENTS' and then in the drop down box 'INTER-CLUB MATCHES'. The match with the ladies is on there at the moment so try it out. We will continue to put up the entry list onto the noticeboard for the moment but we do want to migrate to entry via computer in the next couple of months once we are sure it works ok. I will keep you posted on this!.

I will be collecting the annual £5.00 subs for the Seniors Section from the beginning of February so unburden yourself of this as soon as possible to avoid being pursued by the bailiffs. 

The more or less finalised dates for all of the fixtures for the year are now on the website under ''EVENTS' so get these into your diary now. It is possible to print this list off if you want. (I will ask Ian !)

Lots of golf and golf related activities to enjoy in 2020. We do want to get all these activities onto the website and use this as THE way to keep you informed and allow entry to competitions. So keep yourself informed by regularly looking at the website. All suggestions for the website will be welcomed. In view of this important development we will be seeking to appoint a 'computer/website co-ordinator' as an elected official of the Senior Section through the AGM at the end of February.

Happy New Year



28th November 2019

Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Captain's Charity Match. The halfway house raised £88 for Charity and we also donate the match fees which were £168 as well giving a total of £256.

The Christmas Lunch is coming up very quickly - next Friday ! We have 92 bookings so far and there are still places available if you could let me know if you want to come as soon as possible. I will be doing the final table plan over the weekend. Also now would be a good time to let me know if you have any special dietary requirements for the lunch. (No not large portions !)

I am doing well with payments for the Christmas lunch and would like to take most of the money before the day if possible. It is £17.50 per person. Cash or Cheques are fine. Cheques payable to 'Elsham Golf Club'.

Russell will be selling raffle tickets for the draw on the Christmas Lunch (£1.00 per ticket). Please buy a ticket or two from him. there are some great prizes. You don't have to be there for the draw as long as you make sure your name is on the reverse of the ticket.

Christmas Present ideas --  I normally do a 'bulk buy' of team clothing from the pro shop at this time of year. If we combine our order David will give me a 10% discount.  Team jumpers and pullovers, Polo shirts etc can be ordered. Watch out for the notice on the board. I know Russell is keen for us to wear the correct team kit for matches with other clubs so get your new kit for Christmas.

Best Wishes


24th November 2019

Hi All

The draw has been made for the Captain's Charity Match on Wed 27th Nov, see the CALENDAR page. We will be going off two tees 1st and 16th from 8.00 and please sign in before going out. I hope everyone will enjoy this match it is the last of the year and the entry fees and donations will be given to the Captain's Charity. Graham has donated all the prizes and Graham's wife and friends will be doing a halfway house so please give generously there.

 The All day breakfast will be served in the lounge from 12.30 so please come in as soon as possible and give your card to Richard or Myself. A prize giving will follow  after the end of the match. In addition to the Cliff Reed Trophy for the match we will also be presenting the winners prizes and trophies for the Summer Singles and Doubles knockout competitions completed earlier in the year. So please try to stay after your breakfast for these prize presentations.

I know there were some problems  with the bunkers last week due to the rain so the rules which will apply to this match are that if a bunker is recently raked then it is in play and the ball must be played from it as normal. If the bunker has not recently been raked (i.e. is is full of water, or any other reason) it is deemed GUR and the ball may be taken from the bunker and dropped up to two club lengths not nearer the hole without penalty. 

After the match I would like to take as many Christmas Lunch payments as possible so could you have your £17.50 per person ready to part with as this will be the last opportunity to give me the money before the day. 

Regards and best wishes


15th November 2019

Hi All,

The draw for the Winter Stableford Match taking place on Wednesday 20th November is now on the CALENDAR page.

 I have tried to kick up a fuss about members of the Club cutting in on our Winter Competitions. We have booked the tee times and the match is well publicised so people should not really be doing this. I did have 6 complaints last time and I expect there were more people than that who were cut in on. Please tell the offenders if you can that this is an Official Club Match  which takes priority over social golf and roll ups. They probably will take no notice so try to take a picture of them and we will have a 'rogues gallery'. I will take any substantiated complaints (i.e. where there is clear evidence) forward to the manager.

Russell is still collecting prizes for the Winter Raffle so any more donations will be much appreciated. The prizes will be drawn at the Christmas Lunch. Russell will be selling tickets shortly but you don't have to be at the lunch to get your prize. We will keep them back for people who do not go to the lunch.

The Table Plan for the Christmas Lunch is filling up but spaces are still available. Look on the Seniors noticeboard. I will be collecting yet more of your money for the Christmas Lunch starting next week. The price is £17.50 per person. You can give me cash or a cheque payable to 'Elsham Golf Club'.

The Captain's Winter Charity Match is on Wed 27th November. It is on the computer for you to sign up. Don't forget it will deduct £10 from your card when you enter so make sure you have that amount on the card. The £10 includes the all day Breakfast which will be served from 12.30 on the day as we come in. The format is pairs greensomes stableford. Pairs will be picked at random on the Friday before. (22nd Nov -next week)

Russell has asked me to tell you that you can also find Elsham Seniors on Facebook if you want.

I think thats all. Lets hope the weather is better for next week. If the website says the course is closed for the Wednesday on Tuesday 19th at 6.00pm then I will cancel the match to avoid people coming to find the place closed.



6th November 2019


Very well played to all to took part in the Winter Stableford today, it was hard going and the scores reflected that. I hope you enjoyed the game anyway. The match was a qualifier but I think this may be the last of the season as we go on to the temporary mats in a week or so.

Just a reminder that the Elsham 100 match is on next Monday and the course is closed to non competitors from 8.45. So you can only play 9 holes off 1st or 10th from 8.00 - 8.45.

In response to the survey conducted recently for opinions on the start time for the winter roll ups the Committee have agreed to a start time of 8.30 commencing on WEDNESDAY 13th NOVEMBER until the spring. Since the overwhelming strength of opinion was an 8.30 start I hope all members will observe this. (Balls in the bag 8.25 for an 8.30 tee off)

Seniors Winter Stableford no 3 is now on 20th NOVEMBER is on the computer for you to sign up. As is the Captain's Charity Match on 27th NOVEMBER.

The tables for the Christmas Lunch on FRIDAY 6th DECEMBER are filling up nicely so please sign up on the noticeboard if you want to come.



1st November 2019

Hi All,

The draw has been made for the second Winter Stableford on 6th November, the tee times can be found on the Calendar page on this website. Do remember at this time of year that the shop may not be open at 8.00 so early starters do need to take a card with them as there may not be many out anywhere. Don't forget to sign in and play off YELLOW tees.

I have put the third Winter Stableford match on Wed 20th Nov onto the computer. Closing  date will be Friday 15th. Please sign up on Howdidido or at the club.

The Captain's Charity Match will be on Wed 27th. The format for this is Random Pairs Greensome. I attach a copy of the rules for your information. Please note the entry fee for this match is £10.00 which will come off your discount card on entry to the match on the computer so please ensure you have this amount on the card. The fee includes an all day breakfast at the end of the competition. ALL PROCEEDS OF THE MATCH GO INTO THE CAPTAIN'S CHARITY.

I muddled up the dates given in the last message for the 2020 Texas Scramble matches at Cottingham and Skidby. (Is it a leap year next year ?) The correct dates are FRIDAY 4th September for Cottingham and WED October 21st for Skidby. Sorry about the mix up.

I am putting up the table plan for the Christmas Lunch on the noticeboard in the men's changing room TODAY so put you name on to avoid disappointment.

Don't forget to give a prize to Russell for the Christmas Raffle. It is better to give him cash if possible so he can get some higher value prizes.

Best Wishes