Winter Stableford standings now on the Results page.

Winter Stableford Standings, best 3 scores to count

4th Winter Stableford

Ken Hopkins being congratulated by Tim Hartley and Graham Evison

1st Ken Hopkins 39 points

2nd Phil Holman 38 points

3rd Jim Riley 37 points (on countback)

4th Mick Hempstock 37 points

Two’s: Dave Morton and Ken Hopkins

The Jim Sparks Trophy

1st Place


Russell Orr

2nd Place


Ray Mumby

The RAJ Trophy


1st Place

Mike Thirde & Alan Speight

The Cliff Reed Trophy

1st Place


Ian Carr / Gareth Rowlands

42 points

2nd Place


Graham Evison / Ray Barton

38 points

3rd Place


Ken Hopkins / Keith Anderson

37 points

Winter stableford no3

Winter Stableford No2

1st Place


Gareth Rowlands 38 points

2nd Place


Tim Hartley 37 points

3rd Place


Dave Morton 35 points

Skidby Texas Scramble


A great day out at the tough Skidby Lakes Golf Club  on Wednesday 23rd October for another away day Texas Scramble. The results were:

1st: Mike Cooke, Mike Thirde, Paul Farley nett 55.7

2nd: Richard Murgatroyd, Robin Peak, Mike Carter, Steve Day nett 58.0

3rd: Colin Mee, Richard Tingle, Barry Baker, George Frazer nett 60.4

4th: Tim Hartley, Peter Boulby, Dave Marshall, John Greenwood nett 63.1

Thanks to the catering staff for a very enjoyable meal after the game.

Cave Castle Match away 4/10/19 Lost 2:5

Graham Evison / Mike Carter

Lost 3&1

Mike Thirde / Peter Grimes

Lost 3&2

Terry Dawson / Ian Carr

Won 4&3

Chris Chapleo / Chris Gildea

Lost 2&1

Roy Smith / George Fraser


Mike Cooke / Dave Dillerstone


Eric Stockdale / Richard Curtis

Lost 3&1

Kirkella Match at Home 2/10/19 Lost 2.5:5.5

Graham Evison / Stephen Day

Russell Orr / Mike Carter

Bob Dasey / David Goose

Terry Dawson / Chris Chapleo

Jim Cousins / Roy Smith

Richard Curtis / Roger Bucknall

Robin Peak / Jim Riley

Ian Carr / Eric Stockdale

25th September 2019

The bray trophy

The Gerry Bray Trophy was contested by 45 members of the Senior Section. In fourth place on a count back was Ian Carr, third, again on a count back was Terry Dawson from Mick Hempstock in second. Congratulations go to  Gareth Rowlands pictured left receiving the trophy from Vice Captain Russell Orr.

For a full list of the Bray Trophy Results please press the button below:

Bray Trophy (pdf)


Ladies Match Home 23/9/19 Lost 4:6

1st Tee

Russell Orr /Pete Ingham


Richard Curtis/Jim Cousins


Chris Jenner/Terry Leaning


Terry Sayer/Mike Thirde


Eric Stockdale/Mick Hempstock


16th Tee

Mike Carter/Ian Carr


Peter Boulby/Robert Dasey


Tim Hartley/George Frazer


Chris Gildea/Dave Dillerstone


Ron Milam/Robin  Peak


Waltham Windmill Match Away 17/9/19 Lost 3:5

Graham Evison(Captain)/Chris Gildea

Russell Orr(Vice Captain)/Brian Simpson

      Neil Hunton/Jim Cousins

Mick Hempstock/Chris Jenner

Mike Gibson/Mike Carter

Ian Carr/Peter Ingham

Kevin Kennedy/Chris Chapleo

Bob Dasey/Peter Grimes

Laceby Manor Match Home 4/9/19

Graham Evison (Seniors Captain)/Richard Curtis

Russell Orr (Vice Captain)/Robin Peak

Ian Carr/Mick Hempstock

Peter Ingham/Neil Hunton

Brian Simpson/Chris Chapleo

Chris Gildea/Stephen Day

David Dillerstone/Ray Owens

David Marshall/Mike Gibson